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Using an OData Client with an ASP.NET Core API

The article shows how to implement an OData client from an ASP.NET Core application. Bearer token authorization is used to secure the API. Code: This blog is part 2 from this blog: Part 1: OData with ASP.NET Core Setting up the applications Three applications are used to implement this, the StsServerIdentity, which is the […]

OData with ASP.NET Core

This article explores how to setup an OData API with ASP.NET Core. The application uses Entity Framework Core with a database first approach using the adventureworks 2016 Microsoft SQL Database. Code: Part 2: Using an OData Client with an ASP.NET Core API Setting up the Database The adventureworks 2016 database from the Microsoft/sql-server-samples […]

Web API OData V4 Keys, Composite Keys and Functions Part 11

This article demonstrates how OData Functions can be used together with entities which have simple keys, composite keys, entity collections or used as plain simple global functions. Part 1 Getting started with Web API and OData V4 Part 1. Part 2 Web API and OData V4 Queries, Functions and Attribute Routing Part 2 Part 3 […]

Web API OData V4 Batching Part 10

This article demonstrates how batching can be used with a Web API OData V4 service and an OData C# client. This blog is part 10 of the Web API OData series. Batching can be used to optimize network usage. Batching makes it possible to send many HTTP requests as a single multiple mixed request. The […]

Web API OData V4 Cache Part 9

This article shows how easy it is to implement cache with Web API OData. Web API OData V4 now supports Etag and also If-None-Match HTTP headers. These can then be accessed and set using the ODataQueryOptions inside an OData controller. This works well and could be a possible solution if you want to implement everything […]

Web API OData V4 Using an OData T4 generated client Part 8

This article demonstrates how to use an OData generated client. The OData client is generated using a T4 template. This T4 template generator is a NuGet package which can be added to your Visual Studio. The generated C# classes from the T4 template have some drawbacks per default, but you can fulfill your standard requirements […]

Web API OData V4 Using a Singleton Part 7

This post is part 7 of the Web API and OData V4 series. This article demonstrates how to use an OData singleton with Web API. The singleton class has a list of child entities which is used to select contained entities from the SQLite database. Part 1 Getting started with Web API and OData V4 […]