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Enterprise Library 5.0 db logging

I was looking for a easy to understand example of EL 5.0 database logging and couldn’t find one, so here’s a simple example of Enterprise Library 5.0 .NET logging. It logs to the database. Just download from github. Have fun. code: Database Scripts \EntLib50Src\Blocks\Logging\Src\DatabaseTraceListener\Scripts The config tool is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0\Bin\EntLibConfig.exe to […]

git helps

Clone an existing repo, cd …to your working directory… git clone gerrit:NameOfProject Create remote repo ssh gerrit gerrit create-project –name NameOfProject git remote add gerrit gerrit:NameOfProject Clean up local repo, cd to local repo git remote prune origin git fetch –tags Search for a project ssh gerrit gerrit ls-projects | grep filterExpression Delete Remote Tag […]

MS SQL 2012 contained database

A cool feature in MS SQL 2012 Configure your SQL in Mgmt studio: The primary purpose of contained databases is to make it easier to port your database to a new server without a lot of scaffolding around it. With that in mind, I’ll treat a few potential issues that will make […]

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