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An alternative way to build and bundle Javascript, CSS in ASP.NET Core MVC and Razor Page projects

This article shows how Javascript packages, files, CSS files could be built and bundled in an ASP.NET Core MVC or Razor Page application. The Javascript packages are loaded using npm in which most Javascript projects are deployed. No CDNs are used, only local files so that all external URLs, non self URL links can be […]

Creating specific themes for OIDC clients using razor views with IdentityServer4

This post shows how to use specific themes in an ASPNET Core STS application using IdentityServer4. For each OpenId Connect (OIDC) client, a separate theme is used. The theme is implemented using Razor, based on the examples, code from Ben Foster. Thanks for these. The themes can then be customized as required. Code: https://github.com/damienbod/AspNetCoreIdentityServer4Persistence Setup […]

Exploring Web API Exception Handling

In this article, exception handling is explored for Web API. The standard features from Web API 2 are shown as well as the global exception handling released in version 2.1. code: https://github.com/damienbod/WebApi2_1ExceptionHandling Using the HttpResponseException class The following two examples demonstrates how the HttpResponseException class can be used in simple action methods. The HttpStatusCode enum […]

Multiple ViewModels in a single MVC View

This post shows how to use multiple models in a single view. The models can be used in separated forms or together in one form. You could use each child model with a separate ajax post if required. Only properties in the parent class affect the child models, but a property in a child model […]

Web API 2 Using ActionFilterAttribute, OverrideActionFiltersAttribute and IoC Injection

ActionFilters are a great way to add extra functionality to your Web API service. This article shows examples of how the ActionFilters work together, how the filters can be overrided and how the filters can be used together with an IoC. The diagram underneath shows how the filters are called in the Web API lifecycle. […]

Self Hosted Web Api using Owin and Unity, Nuget Package Documentation

This is the documentation for the nuget package Unity.SelfHostWebApiOwin. The package is dependent on Katana 2. The code can be found here: Example, how to use: https://github.com/damienbod/HelloWorldUnityWithSelfHostedOwin Source code: https://github.com/damienbod/SelfHostWebApiWithOwinAndUnityUsingNuget How to create an application using the nuget package: Step 1: Create a Console application. This will be used to start the application or could […]

Self Host WebApi with Owin and Unity

Using Unity together with a WebApi application and OWIN Hosting is a little bit more complicated compared to the standard WebApi and Unity. This blog shows how to host ASP.NET Web API in a console application, using OWIN to self-host the Web API framework and Unity as an IoC. The following steps need to be […]

Simple MVC Application using Enterprise Library Validation

This is an example of a simple MVC application using Enterprise Library validation First add the EL validation to your project using nuget: Now the Enterprise Library Validation has to be added to the ModelValidatorProviders Create a EnterpriseLibraryValidatorWrapper class And now create a EnterpriseLibraryValidatorProvider Now add it to the Application_Start() method in the global.asax The […]