Monthly Archives: January 2015

Elasticsearch Bulk Insert

This article shows how to setup an Elasticsearch index with an alias and bulk insert a lot of documents. When bulk inserting lots of documents, it improves performance by turning off the refresh interval (RefreshInterval = “-1”) and turning off replication. When the insert is finished, these settings are set to the required values depending […]

Search Queries and Filters with ElasticsearchCRUD

This article demonstrates how to do searches with ElasticsearchCRUD. The API provides a search model which can be used with the search API from Elasticsearch. You can search both sync/async and also provide you own JSON string or use the search model. Lots of examples can be found here: Other Tutorials: Part 1: ElasticsearchCRUD […]

MVC google maps search using Elasticsearch

This article shows how to create an MVC application which uses google maps and Elasticsearch to do a geo_distance search and find the closest point (document) to your location. The Elasticsearch index uses a geo_point to define the location of each document. Elasticsearch supports GeoJson formats. Code: Other Tutorials: Part 1: ElasticsearchCRUD introduction Part […]