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Windows 8 Metro App deployment – Create Cert (pfx)

Creating the cert for Windows 8 Apps The following howto was taken from the following website: Changes must be made to the makecert args, otherwise the Metro app won’t accept the pfx file! INFO: .PFX file (Personal Information Exchange format) is the file containing both a public (.cer file) and a private (.pvk […]

TFS includes git support

I find it very exciting that TFS is starting to support git at last… Here’s some links.

MS SQL 2012 FileTable with new DB instance

Here’s a simple example which helps setup the new FileTable feature in a new database. EXEC sp_configure filestream_access_level, 2 RECONFIGURE GO — Create Database CREATE DATABASE FileTableDB ON PRIMARY (Name = FileTableDB, FILENAME = ‘D:\FileTable\FTDB.mdf’), FILEGROUP FTFG CONTAINS FILESTREAM (NAME = FileTableFS, FILENAME=’D:\FileTable\FS’) LOG ON (Name = FileTableDBLog, FILENAME = ‘D:\FileTable\FTDBLog.ldf’) WITH FILESTREAM (NON_TRANSACTED_ACCESS = […]

MS SQL 2012 FileTable for Existing Instance

In order to use FileTables, the following four steps must be completed, in order: 1. Enable FileStream at the instance Level 2. Provide a FileStream Filegroup 3. Enable Non-Transactional access and specify FileTable directory at the Database Level 4. Create a FileTable ALTER DATABASE ADD FILEGROUP CONTAINS FILESTREAM GO — D:FileTableContainedTestDb must exist ALTER DATABASE […]