Monthly Archives: December 2013

Creating an MVC5 App with Unity, SLAB and Attribute Routing

This posts explains how to set up an MVC5 application using Unity 3 and Semantic Logging (SLAB). Attribute Routing is used for the controllers. Code: Adding Unity 3 to the MVC5 project Add the NuGet packages to the MVC5 project. Now add the start up logic in the UnityConfig file in the App_Start folder. […]

How to create Strong named assemblies in .NET

This post is a very simple example of how to create strong named assemblies and use in a solution. Each project uses the same strong named key. One key is uesd for the whole solution. Step 1: Create the snk Key Open the Developer Command prompt as an administrator and enter sn -k C:/yourKeyPairName.snk Step […]

How to create a Professional Versioning in a .NET Solution

This post explains the steps in setting up a professional versioning in a .NET solution. Project versioning In solutions, many projects can exist. It is important to structure the project so that when creating a release, all assemblies are set to the release version. This should be set as part of the release build, not […]

.NET, Software Applications Architecture Overview

In this post (in the diagram), an overview of what components can be or should be used when creating modern .NET applications. It displays the components which are becoming more important and the components which are heading towards distinction. Only 3rd party components which can be used productively together with .NET components are shown. For […]

MVC WEB HTTP, HTTPS Application Monitoring Tools

This is just a collection of links, tools for monitoring, testing, tracing, debugging ASP.NET applications. When I have time I’ll evaluate each of the different tools. Health Monitoring and ASP.NET MVC Glimpse Wolfpack ELMAH Firebug […]

Loading a dynamic list in an ASP.NET Core MVC View

This example shows how to create a dynamic list in MVC application. An input event sends an ajax http Get to the controller, the data is created and sent back to the view. The input event uses the jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.js jQuery library to send the http Get to the server. Code: History 2018-06-14 Updated to […]