I am an engineer, Microsoft MVP living in Switzerland interested in web development. My favorite technologies are ASP.NET, Javascript, Angular, Typescript, MS SQL Server, SQLite and Elasticsearch.

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  1. have a twitter handle damien?

    1. Hi, no, never got around to creating one, never had a need for it yet

      Greetings Damien

    2. created a twitter account


      Greetings Damien

  2. Hi Damien,
    I am interested in your ” ANGULAR2 OPENID CONNECT IMPLICIT FLOW WITH IDENTITYSERVER4″ article and sample. I am in the process of building a typescript definition file for https://github.com/IdentityModel/oidc-client-js/tree/dev (from dev branch where oidc js library was rewritten in ES6) so it can be used in Angular 2 applications for better code complition. I didn’t create strongly typed structures, I use only “any” type. this is my first attempt:

    I would like to use this library instead of your custom code that handles tokens because it offers a lots of useful functionality with UserManager adn Oidc
    I am using https://github.com/ToddThomson/tsproject/wiki/Using-TsProject-with-Gulp project to help me build .d.ts for individual ES6 files (that I convert to .ts). I need a help in determining if my index.d.ts for oidc.js client written ES6 will properly function with Angular 2. Let me know. Regards,

  3. Hi Rad, thanks

    sounds good, I’ll try it out. At present, I’m busy updating to ASP.NET Core RC2, which will take about a week. Then I’ll have a go.

    Thanks for the code.

    Greetings Damien

  4. You can see here a folder with files I added to https://github.com/IdentityModel/oidc-client-js/tree/dev to automate my converstion to .ts :
    You need to run: npm install and then a series of gulp commands in this order:
    1. clean
    2. copy
    3. rename
    4. deleteconvertedjs
    5. build

    this will create .d.ts, and .js (based on .ts transpilation to es5).
    I then manually create ./index.d.ts in the root copying all the content from all the files and remove imports and add a namespace and exprort 2 important classes.

    If we can come up with github based repository where we can automate retrieval of oidc js client (currently under dev branch) and merging it with my build system that would be great especially if we can automate producing ts definition file.
    Here is a good video that demonstrates usage of UserManager and OidcClient:

    you can send a reply to my email address. I can share my skype id so we can connect that way and do a shared sessions via teamviewer.

  5. Hello Damien. Let me first thank you for you blog posts and source code examples. They have been extremely helpful up to this point. However, I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I’m try to use OpenID Connect to secure an API that is backed by several microservices. I’ve been successful in getting the API to authenticate using the access token JWT in the Bearer header. However, for some back-end microservices, I would like to pass the id_token to the services that need to know the end user. So a have a couple questions below:

    1. Why are you using the UseJwtBearerAuthentication and not the UseIdentityServerAuthentication middleware?

    2. Do either of these middleware allow for automatic retrieval of the id_token?

    3. If not, would you create your own middleware to retrieve id_token?

    4. Have you seen any examples a SPA, calling an API, which further calls back-end microservices?

    Any help would be appreciated. If there is a better way to discuss this, let me know.

    1. Hi John, sorry for the very slow slow answer. It’s hard to keep track and do a day job at the same time.

      When I set this up, UseIdentityServerAuthentication didn’t work and all platforms, now it’s ok, so I could update it.

      No, not that I know of.

      Yes, some examples in the IdentityServer 4 samples which use a C# HTTP Client

      Hopes this helps,

      Greetings Damien

  6. Hi Damien,

    I enjoy reading most of your articles and wanted to thank you.
    Also wanted to suggest an article on “JavaScriptServices” and particularly http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2016/10/04/angular2-template-for-visual-studio/ great productivity template. Unfortunatly no one have wrote anything about them, yet.

    It would probably make your wonderful collection even more complete.


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