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Mobile or Desktop UI, which one(s) should I choose

When deciding which UI Frontend type is the best for your software applications, you should try to answer the following questions (also shown in the image). – Do you need to support both mobile and desktop end devices? – Can the target end users be divided into different user groups with different UI requirements? – […]

Designing web and mobile users interfaces, which approach

Which approach is best? Graceful Degradation, Mobile First, Desktop with Smart phone Apps…. With the new generation of smart phones, wireless devices etc, creating just a desktop web app is no longer a good solution for many business applications. Classic 3 tier development no longer supports the new client requirements. The most common approach which […]

Windows 8 Metro App deployment – Create Cert (pfx)

Creating the cert for Windows 8 Apps The following howto was taken from the following website: Changes must be made to the makecert args, otherwise the Metro app won’t accept the pfx file! INFO: .PFX file (Personal Information Exchange format) is the file containing both a public (.cer file) and a private (.pvk […]