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WiX installer for MVC4 project

This example shows how a MVC4 solution can be setup together with a WiX installation project. To create a msi installer for a MVC4 project, the solution needs to be built, then the web project must be published, the WiX project harvests the published output and creates an msi installer. The solution is configured so […]

WiX installer with PowerShell scripts

WiX is used to create installers. This tool is integrated into visual studio and can be used in any build process or for automatic deployment. No matter how good you software is, if you don’t have a good release/deployment process, you will reduce your client satisfaction and have extra costs for each deployment. This is […]

Metro Style App Windows 8 App deployment types

Option 1 – Store deployment, Application password safe, encryption Advantages Deployment is easy Disadvantages LOB app is deployed somewhere on the cloud App must be validated by Microsoft. Time it takes until app is published is unknown. Validation requirements unknown. Option 2 – domain deployment LOB Advantages Don’t have to deploy to the app store […]

Metro Style App Deployment to target Windows 8 Enterprise

On an enterprise sideloading enabled edition, the IT admins needs to verify: The PC is domain joined. The group policy is set to “Allow all trusted apps to install”. The app is signed by a CA that is trusted on the target PCs STEP 1 Add your app cert to the host PC STEP 2 […]

Windows 8 Metro App deployment – Create Cert (pfx)

Creating the cert for Windows 8 Apps The following howto was taken from the following website: Changes must be made to the makecert args, otherwise the Metro app won’t accept the pfx file! INFO: .PFX file (Personal Information Exchange format) is the file containing both a public (.cer file) and a private (.pvk […]