This article shows how to use Elasticsearch with ASP.NET 5, dnxcore or dnx451. ElasticsearchCrud ASP.NET 5 rc1 version is used for the Elasticsearch data access. ElasticsearchCrud supports dnxcore50, dnx451 and .NET with Elasticsearch 2.0.0. By supporting dnxcore50, the Elasticsearch API can now be run on windows, linux or a mac. 2015.11.19: Updated to ASP.NET 5 […]

This article shows how to implement the OAuth2 Implicit Flow with an Angular client and IdentityServer3 hosted in ASP.NET 5. The code was built using the example from the IdentityServer3.Samples. Thanks to everyone who helped in creating IdentityServer. Code: 18.11.2015: Updated to ASP.NET 5 rc1 Setting up the resource server The resource server is […]

This article shows how ASP.NET 5 localization can be used together with data annotations. The data annotations are used to decorate the data model, and when HTTP POST/PUT (also PATCH) Requests are sent with model errors, the error message is returned localized in the request culture. Code: 20.11.2015: Updated to ASP.NET 5 rc1 Localization […]

This article shows some of the ways in which localization can be used in a MVC 6 ASP.NET 5 application. Code: 20.11.2015: rc1 version Localization Setup The localization is configured in the setup class and can be used throughout the application per dependency injection. The AddLocalization method is used in the ConfigureServices to define […]

This post just explains some of the things you need to do when updating to ASP.NET 5 beta8 from older versions. I have updated some existing ASP.NET 5 example projects to beta8. The first thing you have to do is to update your dnvm, dnu and your dnx. This is the same as always. Documentation […]

This article shows how to use multiple Json configuration files in ASP.NET 5 which can be used in CI for automatic deployment without requiring environment variables. Code: In ASP.NET 5, Json, XML and ini configuration files are supported per default. It is possible to create strongly type classes from the configuration files. It is […]

This article shows how an exception filter and a resource filter can be used in ASP.NET 5. Code: 16.10.2015: Updated to ASP.NET 5 beta8 18.11.2015: Updated to ASP.NET 5 rc1 An exception filter can be implemented using the IExceptionFilter interface or by implementing the abstract class ExceptionFilter. The ExceptionFilter class implements the IAsyncExceptionFilter, IExceptionFilter […]


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