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Multiple ViewModels in a single MVC View

This post shows how to use multiple models in a single view. The models can be used in separated forms or together in one form. You could use each child model with a separate ajax post if required. Only properties in the parent class affect the child models, but a property in a child model […]

SignalR A complete WPF client using MVVM

In this post, a WPF application using MVVM is created and used to send and recieve SignalR messages. The post continues on from: SignalR Messaging, a more complete server with a Console Application Code: https://github.com/damienbod/SignalRMessagingErrorHandling The application uses 4 different projects: Damienbod.SignalR.IHubSync.Client: This project helps us use the SignalR Hub hosted in the server console […]