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Implement a Blazor full text search using Azure Cognitive Search

This article shows how to implement a full text search in Blazor using Azure Cognitive Search. The search results are returned using paging and the search index can be created, deleted from a Blazor application. Code: https://github.com/damienbod/AspNetCoreAzureSearch Posts in this series Implement a full text search using Azure Cognitive Search in ASP.NET Core Using Azure […]

Angular search with ASP.NET Core and Elasticsearch

This article shows how a website search could be implemented using Angular, ASP.NET Core and Elasticsearch. Most users expect autocomplete and a flexible search like some of known search websites. When the user enters a char in the search input field, an autocomplete using a shingle token filter with a terms aggregation used to suggest […]

Elasticsearch Aggregations With ElasticsearchCRUD

This article shows how to implement Elasticsearch aggregation search requests and responses using ElasticsearchCRUD. Code: https://github.com/damienbod/AggregationExamplesWithElasticsearchCRUD The Elasticsearch Aggregation Examples contains integration tests which shows how to use all the different type of aggregations in ElasticsearchCRUD. Other Tutorials: Part 1: ElasticsearchCRUD introduction Part 2: MVC application search with simple documents using autocomplete, jQuery and jTable […]

Search Queries and Filters with ElasticsearchCRUD

This article demonstrates how to do searches with ElasticsearchCRUD. The API provides a search model which can be used with the search API from Elasticsearch. You can search both sync/async and also provide you own JSON string or use the search model. Lots of examples can be found here: https://github.com/damienbod/ElasticsearchCRUD/tree/master/src/ElasticsearchCRUDNUnit.Integration.Test Other Tutorials: Part 1: ElasticsearchCRUD […]

Elasticsearch Synonym Analyzer using ElasticsearchCRUD

This article shows how to setup and use a custom analyzer in Elasticsearch using ElasticsearchCRUD. An analyzer with a custom Synonym Token Filter is created and added to the index. If you search for any of the synonyms, you will find all the hits for all the possible texts. Code: https://github.com/damienbod/ElasticsearchSynonymAnalyzer Other Tutorials: Part 1: […]