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SignalR Group messages with ngrx and Angular

This article shows how SignalR can be used to send grouped messages to an Angular SignalR client, which uses ngrx to handle the SignalR events in the Angular client. Code: https://github.com/damienbod/AspNetCoreAngularSignalRSecurity Posts in this series History 2023-01-08 Updated Angular 15, .NET 72021-01-25 Updated Angular 11.1.0 .NET 5, ngrx implementation2020-03-21 updated packages, fixed Admin UI STS2019-08-18 […]

Getting started with Angular and Ngrx

This article shows how you could setup Redux in an Angular application using ngrx. Redux provides a really great way of managing state in an Angular application. State Management is hard, and usually ends up a mess when you invent it yourself. At present, Angular provides no recommendations or solution for this. Thanks to Fabian […]