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Improving application security in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages using HTTP headers – Part 1

This article shows how to improve the security of an ASP.NET Core Razor Page application by adding security headers to all HTTP Razor Page responses. The security headers are added using the NetEscapades.AspNetCore.SecurityHeaders Nuget package from Andrew Lock. The headers are used to protect the session, not for authentication. The application is authenticated using Open […]

Waiting for Azure Durable Functions to complete

The article show how an Azure Durable Function can be used to process a HTTP API request which waits for the completion result. This can be required when you have no control over the client application calling the API and the process requires asynchronous operations like further API calls and so on. The Azure Durable […]

Using External Inputs in Azure Durable functions

This post shows how to implement an Azure Durable function flow with an external HTTP API input. The flow is started using a HTTP request, runs an activity, waits for the external input from a HTTP API which could be any Azure function input and then runs a second activity. The application is implemented using […]

Implementing a Client White-list using ASP.NET Core Middleware

This article shows how a client safe-list could be implemented using ASP.NET Core middleware checking the Remote IP address of the request. If the client IP is on the safe-list, no restrictions exist. Code: https://github.com/damienbod/ClientIpAspNetCoreIIS History 2018-08-30 Updated to .NET core 2.1 and added support for IP6 The middleware uses an admin white-list parameter from […]

Data Transfers With Web API Batching and Protobuf

This article demonstrates how to setup up a Web API service which supports default batching as well as a custom Protobuf batch handler. Protobuf is used because it is the fastest and best serialization library which exists for .NET applications. CRUD operations are supported. Batching can be used to send multiple requests in a single […]

Enterprise Library 6, Unity 3 InterfaceInterceptor with MVC 4, Part 4

This post continues on from the previous post. Part 3 Enterprise Library 6, Unity 3 and MVC 4, Registration by Convention Part 3 Microsoft.Practices.Unity.Interception Unity provides both instance and type interception, and enables interception with either objects you resolve through the container, or by using the stand-alone API to explicitly invoke interception on a known […]